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List of Past Injuries for the Current Redskins Defensive Linemen

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If you're going to run a 3-4, your guys upfront need to be big, and more importantly ... HEALTHY. There are A LOT of guys competing to make this Redskins team who have not seen NFL action for a long time. I've been high on Adam Carriker, but take a look at that list of injuries. Eeesh. Now it makes sense why the Redskins got him for so cheap.

Like last year with the OLine, it's impossible to think that we'll go injury free at the RB and DL positions. A lot of teams are able to do it, but the Redskins won't be in that club. 

Think about Big Mike Williams. He played admirably last year after his massive weight loss, but he fought nagging injuries throughout the year and spent more time getting into shape then working on technique (since fixed). That leads to a real problem of jockeying the roster spots to add depth. It's a give and take, which is why it's frustrating there's so many players above 30 on this team.



Last Game


Ma'ake Kemoeatu 



Torn ACL Ruptured Achilles tendon

Adam Carriker



2007 - Torn labrum
2008 - Ankle injury
2009 - Muscle tear in shoulder

Anthony Bryant



2009 - leg injury

Jeremy Jarmon


2009 (11 games)

Torn ACL

Greg Peterson


2009 (4 games in 2 years)


Phillip Daniels


2009 (16 games)    

2008 - ACL

Darrion Scott



2007 - broke foot
2008 - **
2009 - UFL (with Haslett)

** - Darrion Scott pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor in a case involving child endangerment. He faced two felony charges for putting a plastic bag over the head of his 2-year-old son. Scott accepted the lesser plea of child endangerment.

I can't wait for fan appreciation day! What number is he wearing?