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Daily Slop: Bruce Allen Out Doing His Thing

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Bruce Allen (in his typically vague manner) explains the Westbrook visit [Insider]
Also talks (transparently) about Doug Williams...Westbrook off to visit Denver.

"We had a good meeting with him," Allen said. "It was an exploratory meeting, and we'll probably have some meetings down the road."    

Bruce visits VA high school; Emphasizes team-work; Also sheds light on the interview process with Trent Williams (or his teammates I should say) [Bog]

"You don't have to go to Harvard, you don't have to go anywhere to learn this," he told the kids. "We look for people who are good teammates."    

George Starke defends the Hogs as being uber-athletic [Skins Blog]

Eagles plan to use more 3-4 []

Haynesworth to Vikings rumors are now dead [espn]

Jim Haslett and Lindsay Czarniak eat Asian food together [Skins Blog]

Washington Redskins topped Forbes list for NFL revenue in '09 with $345M, but haven't raised GA prices at NFL's largest venue since 2006  [USA Today]  

Cowboys' Keith Brooking still nursing knee injury [espn]

Tebow turning down '7-Figure Endorsement Deals' to focus on football [MHR]