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Daily Slop: Albert Haynesworth is as Good as Gone

NFL sources say the Redskins are not trading Haynesworth [espn]
Well, duh. If we say we don't want him that will lower his trade value.

But history shows Shanahan has 0 tolerance for now shows [Insider]
This link is a great history lesson for how Shanny treats star players who no-show for team activities.

Mike Mayock thinks the Redskins could take Trent Williams []
I LOVE Trent Williams and have been meaning to do a post about this. Trent can play both Tackle positions at a high level.

Trent Dilfer says Bradford is the bust in this draft [espn]
I've been pumping up Colt McCoy for awhile...simply for his experience. You know what you're getting.

Theismann blasts JaMarcus Russell & advises OAK to get Campbell []
Nice work us get that draft pick as high as we can get it. I still can't believe how much Jamarcus screwed OAK. I wonder how he would have progressed if he played under Belichick or Gruden.

Art Monk praises McNabb trade [Homer McFanboy]

"I put him in the same class as [Theismann, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien]. He knows the game. He studies off the field. He works hard. He can throw the ball. He knows what he's doing and he's got the leadership skills to help direct his offense down the field."  - Art Monk

I wonder if Monk is a little biased? After all, he went to Syracuse and finished his career as an a Eagle. (kidding, that image still makes me cringe).