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Daily Slop: Jason Campbell not the Starter in OAK? Riiiiight.

Jason Campell doesn't have the starting job according to CB Nnamdi Asomugha [nfl]

"He's going to come in and have to compete for the job just like the rest of the QBs, so I'm sure that will give JaMarcus some added fuel to his tank and hopefully bring out the best in him as a player. "


Update on the Fedex Field HD new jumbotron [Redskins Blog]
Now we can see McNabb blind-sided in HD

Redskinette surprised by her Marine husband back from Iraq [CSN]
Awesome..awesome stuff. I think I get what "we have catching up to do" means. #Birds&Bees #SemperFi

Walter Jones retires [espn]
On 5,703 pass attempts over 13 seasons, according to coaches stats, Walter Jones was called for holding 9 times and surrendered 23 sacks. Pardon my English...F*CKING AMAZING.

Chris Johnson wants to make it rain. Skips mini-camp [espn]
I don't blame the guy for wanting his $$. Running backs have a short life and he's in his prime and proved a small back.

Tim Tebow jersey sales #1 among all rookies []
Lots of thoughts here. 1.) Are there more Tebow jerseys sold than Colt Brennan jerseys? 2.) <insert Messiah joke here>

Alan Faneca is a AZ Cardinal [espn]

Why did the Redskins not entertain him or Jared Gaither? I plan to ask at minicamp.

Eminem makes fun of Big Ben [espn]

"I'd rather turn this club into a bar room brawl. Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall."

I love Em, but this stuff is getting lame tho the line is not bad. Last year he rapped making fun of Lindsay Lohan, who was already lame. Come on. Are you gonna rap about The Hills next? Pop culture rapping is for youtubers. Time to evolve Em.

Jay Cutler wants T.O. like he wants syphilis []

"T.O. is a pretty good player, but for this system ... I don't know how he would fit in," Cutler said. "Our receiver position, I think, is one of the strengths of the team. I think there are other needs that we could have addressed if we didn't go that direction."

Peter King thinks Tebow could START for Denver [cnnsi]
Note gonna lie. If I was a Broncos fan, I'd show up at Invesco Field week 1 dressed like this in a Tebow jersey.