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Inside Scouting Report on Redskins UFA: LSU RB Keiland Williams

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Just like our earlier review of LSU LB Perry Riley, the writers of SB Nation's LSU site, And The Valley Shook, gave us great insight for Redskins undrafted free agent RB, Keiland Williams, specifically his strengths, weaknesses, and his memorable moments.

Full report of the 5'11, 223 pound RB after the jump... 

Strengths: Keiland was a five-star recruit and is arguably one of the most physically gifted backs to ever play for LSU.  He's fast, nimble, and has that "second gear" that great running backs have.  He's got good hands and always could find his way onto the field as a pass catcher.

Weaknesses: With all of that talent, he has never translated that into actually production. Keiland spent four years trying to run outside on everybody which you can't do in the SEC -- SEC linebackers are fast, too.  He is also notorious for getting tackled by a blade of grass, slipping in open field way too often.  He has no nose for the sticks and often seems to forget the game situation.  He abhors contact.  Oh, and he fumbles a lot.

Ouch. I guess I won't get my hopes up on Keiland.

Memorable moments: He'll always be remembered for his electrifying run against Virginia Tech in 2007.  He got the ball, simply hurdled a tackler, and then he was gone.  It was a stunning display of what he was capable of, and it made it all the more frustrating there weren't more moments like that.  When Scott got hurt, he finally got the starter job and he torched Louisiana Tech.  Then he looked pretty pedestrian for the rest of the year before getting hurt.  And that is Keiland's LSU legacy: failing to live up to expectations.  He has the talent, but I doubt he'll ever live up to it.  He's your problem now.       

A last note on Keiland -- I don't dislike him.  I want to dislike him, but he never carried himself like he was entitled or anything due to his recruiting stock.  If there was any dissension regarding his role, he kept it to himself.  He was not a team cancer or malcontent despite being a lauded recruit who had to spend his career backing up a "lesser" player.  Shanahan has a great track record with running backs, and if anyone can get Williams to recognize his awesome potential, it's him.      

Stats Overview Rushing Receiving Fumbles
2006 76 436 5.7 38 5 4 14 3.5 12 0 0 0
2007 70 478 6.8 67 6 9 113 12.6 46 1 0 0
2008 83 417 5.0 25 2 11 124 11.3 66 1 0 0
2009 70 368 5.3 25 4 4 22 5.5 20 0 0 0

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