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Redskins Jason Campbell Traded to Raiders for Future Pick

I can't help but think Bruce Allen's quote, "the future is now." Well, a 4th round pick in 2012 doesn't really back that. NFL Network is reporting the pick is 2011. But let's be real. The Redskins were on the verge of releasing Campbell and there were still decent QBs on the board. Perhaps the Redskins could have held on to Campbell and tried to trade him mid-season for more value...when teams are desperate and need a QB. But the Redskins have punished Jason enough - and I mean that physically and mentally.

It's not often Al Davis wins in a trade, so I'll be curious to hear Shanahan's comments. After what JC has gone through, it's only fair to let him have a chance elsewhere with a clean start. JC got to speak with Al Davis before the trade, so the Redskins handled this with class, which is very respectful.