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Former Redskin Matt Bowen Addresses the Free Safety Position

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SB Nation recently partnered with the National Football Post, so I pinged journalist, and former Redskins safety,Matt Bowen, some questions regarding the Free Safety position - a big concern of mine.

Hogs Haven: What are your thoughts on the Free Safety position? Can the Redskins survive this year with Kareem Moore as FS?

Matt Bowen: "The Skins may have to. I am not as worried about the free safety position as I am with Landry. I think it is essential that Haslett gets him down into the box. I love his aggressiveness, but it gets him into trouble when he is playing the middle of the field. Landry can be the type of safety who can make plays close to the line of scrimmage and be used in a wide variety of pressure schemes. Perfect spot for him where he should be able to matchup against any TE in the league."

Hogs Haven: You've played with Darren Sharper. Do you think at this point in his career he'd be a good player to bring in as a stop-gap, or do you see someone in the 2nd to mid rounds they could trade up for...any names specifically that would be a good fit?

Matt Bowen: "Darren is an ideal middle of the field safety, but he is only a fit for certain schemes. What he does for Gregg Williams down in New Orleans isn't going to fly in every huddle. He needs to be given a certain amount of freedom to freelance within the defense, which allows him to jump routes and get his hands on the football. I see him going back to NO."

Hogs Haven: What's your stance on the Redskins' public statement the team can "win now"? I feel there are still way too many holes and lack of depth in key areas (CB, OL, RB, LB) that will bite them when injuries hit. Not to mention they have a difficult schedule.    

Matt Bowen: "The Skins have holes, but so do the Giants, Philly and Dallas. I think this team can win now with McNabb at QB. Think of Shanahan's system. They use what I like to call "movement" passes where they get the QB out of the pocket on boots, mis-direction and play action. Perfect for a club like the Skins that is rebuilding on the fly up front."  

I think it's safe to say we all agree with Matt regarding Landry. I was begging it for half-way through the season last year, yet Blache refused to move him over until the season was lost. Why didn't Vinny strip (defensive) play-calling from him, too? Who knows, maybe Laron could even be used in some OLB sets with Horton and Kareem or draft pick as FS. 

You can follow Matt's posts at NFP and via twitter @MattBowen41.