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The Shanaplan is Almost Unveiled; Trent Williams the Favorite

draft who
draft who

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Just like last year days before the draft, the pieces are starting to fall into place for the early picks. Yahoo Sports firmly believes Sam Bradford is the #1 pick. What's more interesting is Tim Twentyman of the Detroit News' tweet:

Lions coach Jim Schwartz told a crowd chanting to draft Ndamukong Suh that they wouldn't be disappointed. He said it with a pretty big grin.

That makes it likely Suh is going to Motor City. So, with Gerald McCoy definitely going to Tampa - that leaves our beloved, Cerrato-less led Redskins on the clock.

Multiple well-known journalists believe the Redskins are drafting Trent Williams, including Charles Johnson of Yahoo Sports and Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

I've gone back and forth between Trent Williams and Okung. Given the current state of the OL and the Shanahans' success at drafting OL, I'll be happy with whoever they take. Charles Johnson thinks Trent is the guy:

"If you're just looking at skill, and take away all the other stuff, he's far beyond Okung. [Williams] has much more skill and athleticism. He's definitely a left tackle and he could also play right."    

As for trading back, it's not looking good according to Bruce Allen:

"History will tell you that there's not much trading in the top four picks. We've looked at it a number of different ways. In the recent years there's not a lot of movement up there. We are listening. The phones will be open. We have a listed phone number in case someone wants to make a trade, but it's hard to project what's going to happen."

To add to that, Bruce and Shanahan don't believe in the point scale:

"You know, that point chart that whoever came up with some years ago is really a deterrent to trading. If you analyze that, it takes so many draft choices just to move a few slots somewhat."... "Neither Mike nor myself has been a big point chart type of person, but that chart really has prevented a lot of people from making more moves on draft day."... "If we have an opportunity to make a trade," Allen said, "we could have more than one player on Thursday. You maybe have picked up a pick in the 2011 draft. There's different formulas that we're gonna work on in the next few days that we're gonna say, 'These are acceptable trades to us' -- which could involve picks in the next few years. As long as we do our homework and we come out with one of our gameplans, we're gonna be happy."

So, in short...I see the draft going 2 ways:

1.)    Bradford, Suh, McCoy - in which case no one wants to trade and the Redskins take a LT.

2.)    A weird situation occurs where Bradford falls to #4 and phones are ringing. Based on the 10-minute limit, I expect the Redskins don't make a deal. They've been hard bargainers so far and a #4 pick warrants a great deal. I am still hell-bent the Redskins take a LT no matter who falls to #4. Suck it Kiper.

Here's what the pros have so far:

Mike Mayock: Russell Okung (7 days ago) []
What's funny is Mayock has Trent listed as his 3rd best OT  in all of this

Mel Kipe
r: Jimmy Clausen [espn]

Todd McShay: Russell Okung

Rick Gosselin: Jimmy Clausen (1 day ago) [Dallas News]
Rick has been successful in the past and had the Redskins taking Okung previously...uh-oh.

As for trading Haynesworth - don't count on it. The Tennessee Titans are still in the mix, but they don't have a 2nd round draft pick so that would mean potentially a 3rd round pick this year and a 2011 pick. Mike Shanahan publicly said the Redskins have not tried to trade him and expect to use him at DE and NT.

And lastly, some Vinny Cerrato quotes from yesterday, via twitter:

"Cerrato just called Trent Williams an underachiever. Yes, please. Straight to the top of my draft board." [@DCSportsBog]

Cerrato on Skins in free agency: "I don't see, if I was still there, that we would've done anything differently." [@RickMaese]

How awesome are these two quotes? Yea, Cerrato would have switched to a 3-4 AND held off from signing Peppers and/or Karlos Dansby. I love the fact Cerrato talks poorly of Trent. Classic.  

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