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The Thursday Line - Tuesday/ NFL Schedule Edition

Here we go:

Over/Under national appearances on the schedule tonight for the Redskins: 5 (includes Sunday Night, Monday Night, Thursday Night and any 4 PM games on Sunday)
I'll take the under here. The Redskins are perennially placed in what seems like an absurd amount of nationally televised games for a team that has not done too much in recent years. They have to learn eventually.

Over/Under Monday Night Football games: 1.5
I'll take the over here. I smell a Philly/Washington Monday night game, as well as a late-season conference game on MNF for the home team.

Over/Under times the "Talking Heads" make a big deal about Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, Jim Haslett and Donovan McNabb old friends: 6
The number might as well be 100 and I would still take the over just because they have been beating these story lines to death. It's what they do...I tire of such story lines because I believe we should want to win every game on our schedule we can...regardless of the sub-plots. Teams like ours can't afford sub-plots. They are a luxury item reserved for teams that can handle them.

What are your thoughts ahead of the schedule unveiling?