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That's What He Said; Breaking Down Kyle Shanahan's Latest OL Quotes

Kyle: "How would you feel with Levi Jones or Stephon Heyer protecting your back?
Matt: "Uh...huh?"
Kyle: "How would you feel with Levi Jones or Stephon Heyer protecting your back? Matt: "Uh...huh?"

Well, the draft is finally almost here. I seriously can't take much more over-analysis, so it's nice when the coaches and Bruce Allen speak to the media. As much as they say the OL is in good shape, both Kyle and Mike have used 1st round picks recently, even though their OL was in much better shape than the Redskins OL currently is, which I'll get into later. Redskins Blog conveniently posted all of Kyle's latest quotes, which I'll be your polygraph conductor for:

"I'm real excited about our offensive line," [Kyle Shanahan] said. "You know, I mean, they talk about that that's been a weakness and stuff, but I don't see it on tape and I don't see it on the field. We've got some real good players. I think we've got some big guys who aren't just big guys who stand still -- we got some big guys who can move. "

Huh? Move backwards you mean! We all saw the tape and surely never want to see it again. A lot of players were misused last year, so I suppose it could be said of the OLine too, but I firmly believe Bugel was working miracles with those guys.

"It's tough when you watch tape of an old staff; you don't wanna watch too much, because you're not watching scheme. You don't know what they're asking players to do, so you're not really evaluating that. You're trying to watch the individual. When you watch the individual, you do see talent. You see size and you also see speed. And as a coach, that's all you can ask for."

Hey, can I ask for something? How about some offensive linemen starters that weren't undrafted? I posted earlier that 11 of the 15 Pro Bowl tackles the last two years were first round picks. I'm not buying this for a second, Kyle. Love what you're doing though because there are GM suckers out there who will trade the house to move up. 

OK, well, Kyle, can you describe the perfect offensive lineman?

"He's gotta be," Shanahan started, and then paused. "Lemme think about this. Everyone thinks you want 'em small and quick. Well, we want 'em fast -- they have to be able to run. We want a big guy, too. Not all big guys can run; if you can get a big guy who can run, then you've got Pro Bowl type players. It's just hard to find those guys, but when you have 'em you couldn't look for anything else."

I can't name 1 Redskins OL that can run. How many times did we see an OL downfield making a block? Never...almost never? I agree the starting 5 last year have talent, but in a backup role. Dockery and Rabach are solid starters, but to back Vinny this is a playoff roster line is crazy, and I really wish someone posed the question exactly like that. Kelli Johnson then asked the million dollar question if he'd be asking his Dad to draft an OL at #4.

"Nah," [Kyle] said, " we've got a bunch out here so I think we're good to go."

HA. Classic. I really wish a polygraph was hooked up to his finger because the machine literally would have exploded at this point. The Texans used their 1st round pick in 2006 to draft Duane Brown, who has started every single game in protecting Schaub's back. Eric Winston, the RT who was drafted in the 3rd round in 2006, has started every game for Houston.  LIES! White-white lies. Still love you though. So, Kyle, anything else:

"I've been around enough -- not too long, but around enough -- to realize that if you're dependent on getting a player in the draft, you're gonna be pretty disappointed because it rarely works out that way. You get your team, you've gotta be good to go through free agency and what you see out here, and then everything in the draft is just a bonus."

Now THIS makes a lot of sense, but let's be clear. Shanahan used his #1 pick in his last draft  (2008) to draft Ryan Clady. It's pretty safe to say Denver's OL was in a lot better shape than the Redskins' OL is now. To say drafting an OL in the first round is a bonus is a massive understatement.

OK, I'm off to start drafting my "Redskins Select Russell Okung/Trent Williams with the #4 Pick" posts now.