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Redskins Sign Willie Parker to 1-year Deal; Trifecta of Over the Hill RBs is Complete

That means the Redskins now have 3 starting RBs all over the age of 29. As Jason Reid from the Post noted, the RB position truly is wide open. Does this mean the Redskins will skip drafting a RB? No. It is simply meant to drive competition. With the egos the Redskins have in the backfield, this is a recipe for disaster. Larry and Clinton will certainly want their carries and there is not enough snaps to go around. Someone will be sitting a lot and will not be happy about it. I'd actually be surprised if all three RBs make the 53-man roster.

The good news is Shanahan, unlike previous coaches, won't care about egos and doesn't feel an obligation to start a guy.

This addition certainly adds to the smoke and mirrors show of taking a QB in the top 2 picks now.