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Redskins Game Changing Offseason Moves: Where Do I Begin?

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This week we're starting a new feature to run every other week during the summer that highlights the "game changing" moves made by the Redskins this offseason. There have been a lot of moves, but I think the biggest one was the hiring of Mike Shanahan. For a decade the Redskins front office has been the Montgomery C. Burns of decision making, and they finally handed over the reins to competent people in Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. The images of Snyer and Cerrato flying around the country recruiting free agents are over.

Action was swift when Shanahan arrived releasing of 10 veteran players including Randle El, Randy Thomas, Rock Cartwright, and Ladell Betts. It's something the fans wanted for a long time, and the change has been well received so far. The Redskins avoided the big names unlike past years with the signing of Haynesworth (2009), Jason Taylor (2008), and London Fletcher & Fred Smoot (2007). This to me is the biggest move in that it sets up the organization to be successful the next decade. Of course the players they bring in need to perform, so time will tell, but I can't imagine being a Redskins fan with anyone but Mike Shanahan as the conductor. What would the roster look like right now if Brian Billick, Jim Fassel, or Chan Gailey was the head coach? I shutter to think it.