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Draft Night Party; Party for LT 1st Pick at Nanny O'Briens


Tonight, 6PM - whenever

Nanny O'Briens [Map]

Metro: Cleveland Park (Red line)

Join Ken/Sugar and friends to celebrate for what will be sure an entertaining first round. Nanny's has fantastic wings and chili, so we'll be lighting it up as we drinking beers and celebrating the Redskins drafting Okung or Trent Williams.

We have the back-room to ourselves,which guarantees we'll have audio and control of the TVs. See you there. 

For those that can't make it, we'll have an open thread starting at 6pm.


For all Redskins fans in the San Fran Area:

Fellow SBN blog Silver and Black Pride is having a draft party for all the Bay Area people who are looking to get out of the house. There'll be a lot of Raiders fans there, but I'd definitely make it if I could just to see their reaction of what Al Davis comes up with this year. [SBP]