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Redskins are Moving Sean Taylor's Locker to Club Level

Sean Taylor's locker; Picture taken by your truly last draft day.
Sean Taylor's locker; Picture taken by your truly last draft day.

Anything related to Sean Taylor is a touchy subject, so some fans are sure to be a little riled up with this news. Given the new chapter of this Redskins franchise, the team has decided to move Sean's locker to the Club level at Fedex.

"We wanted to respect Sean's memory and find an appropriate place to display the locker he used every day at Redskins Park," General Manager Bruce Allen said in a statement provided to The Post. "We know how much Sean meant and still means to our fans and we are happy to be able to share this with them."

I personally like the move. Sean is still dear to our hearts, but it's time for the locker room to move on given the new coaching staff and the many players who were not here during the time of his death.

Some fans are questioning the placing of Taylor's locker in the club level as a future marketing gimmick, but would you really want to see it on the lower or upper level concourses? Drunk, opposing fans would go out of their way to mess with it...not to mention the other concourses are outdoors. Fans can still access the club level at other events such as the draft day party, concerts, and stadium tours. It's all good, Bruce.

RIP Sean.