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The Thursday Line

Over/Under: 5 years Mike Shanahan is the head coach of the Washington Redskins
I am going with the over. Snyder held on to Cerrato for a decade. So...if Allen/Shanahan can eclipse the "Cerrato Standard", I think it is is safe to say they could be around for a while.

Over/Under: 2 years Donovan McNabb is the starting quarterback  for the Skins
I'll take the over. I would love to see Shanahan take a quarterback high in next year's draft and bring him along under McNabb. If he can stay healthy, McNabb will keep the youngster off the field for the next couple years.

Over/Under: 85 catches for Devin Thomas next season
Hmmmmm...I'm going with the over because I think Thomas will emerge as McNabb's number one target this summer. It is entirely possible Devin Thomas is on the brink of a huge season. 

Over/Under: 1,000 yds receiving for Santana Moss next season
Going with my first under. I think Moss will be effective and will make big plays, but I think Thomas' production will eat into his overall stats.

Over/Under: 6 interceptions for DeAngelo Hall
How could I not take the over here? If he has less than 7 interceptions this season, then our defense will have had a rough year. The name of the game in Haslett's scheme is turnovers. Hall has great hands and should see his share of opportunities.

Over/Under: 12.5 sacks for Brian Orakpo
If I was going to take the under, it would be because I thought he was probably going to have another 11-12 sack season. Whether he is blitzing more or not in Haslett's scheme, I expect opposing offensive coordinators to focus on him.

Over/Under: 8 wins for the Washington Redskins
I have never been accused of being mildly optimistic. I see 10-6 this season, so I am locked into the over. I am predicting McNabb channels Billy Kilmer.