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Daily Slop - Jason Campbell Delays Signing of Redskins Tender

As we discussed a couple weeks ago, Jason Campbell will wait until the last second to sign his tender. (Insider)
Our expectation was that he would sign his contract in conjunction with a trade to another team. As the hours tick away until Thursday, it appears that the line of teams once thought to be interested in JC must have been in line for something else, because there has been little movement in shipping off the quarterback.

Santonio Holmes traded to the Jets? (Maske)
Let me get this straight...a dude that had a hard time staying out of trouble playing for Pittsburgh is heading to New York!?!?!? Good God...

Greg Olsen changes tune in Chicago. (espn)
My guess is somebody reminded him that he is a tight end that has yet to really do anything in this league and to shut the hell up. After all, Jay Cutler loves him and even if Mike Martz does not feature the tight end heavily in his offense, it's freaking CHICAGO! Their receiver corps has rivaled the craptastic nature of our own here in D.C. at times over the last few years.

Latest Tebow buzz has him going to...Minnesota? (Peter King)
I wonder if Fred Smoot still has a boat up there...

Finally, you all know that I rarely ever do the Slop. But when I do, I always give you what you want: