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Hunter Smith: Punt or Fair Catch for 2010?

Rich Tandler (of Real Redskins/CSN) and I had a brief twitter back and forth regarding what should be done with Hunter the Punter. The former Colt had a sub-par year in Washington missing 3 games and ranking 23rd in the league with a Net Avg punt of 36.8 yards.

In retrospect, it's so funny that Zorn opened his fan appreciation day boasting Hunter Smith and his all abilities. Hunter never missed a game in 10 years with the Colts, and like most Free Agents that join the Redskins, they get a fluke injury (groin).

Hunter can still boom a 5.0+ second hang-time, lay out for a tackle, and well, we all know his throwing ability. Hunter was on the market. It is something to be said that the Colts did not retain Smith, and he went almost 2 months in Free Agency before the Redskins signed him. But who else is out there?? No one...and well, the Redskins won't be drafting one...that's for sure. Free agent market is REALLY grim for Punters.

Season Team Punter
G GS Punts Yds Net Yds Lng Avg Net Avg Blk OOB Dn IN 20 TB FC Ret RetY TD
2009 Washington Redskins 13 0 57 2,356 2,098 59 41.3 36.8 0 2 5 23 5 23 22 158 0

What Hunter brings to FG kicking cannot be underestimated. Suisham's numbers were up from 2008, though he was the holder in the Saints and Cowboys game shanks. We all know who's to blame for that, though.