The Elephant In The Room..

This is amazing that we are still on this Jason Campbell debate. It truly amazes me how alot of the same people that continue to hate on Jason felt sympathy for Jim Zorn. This is hilarious and sad at the same time. Lets compare the two and look at what one has brought, and the other has stolen from the Redskins organization.

Starting with Jason he has been a incredible team/company man. He has spent his time as a Redskin improving as the talent and coaching around him has erroded. For those that say he has not improved look at his stats. Of course that is right, stats only matter when some of you haters say they do. The same people that complain about my posts only being opinion based,complain when I have used stats in support of Jason. He has stood up to countless dirty deeds, behind his back and in his face by management and his coach (Zorn). How many times did Zorn pass the blame for our loses and his poor coaching to Jason and other players. Do you guys not remember Zorn always using "Poor Player Execution" as the reason for us loosing games. Jason being the team player company guy would always fall on the sword for Jim Zorn and take the blame. It was great to hear Jason finally say that it was poor play and coaching that cost us our last game. He did not do this until after he saw how Zorn was trying to save himself prior to being fired.

I have blasted Zorn many times for putting the redskins in a bad position, by accepting the head coaching job.But some people on HH defended him. How can anyone defend a guy that took a job that he knew he was not qualified for. Jim Zorn had only been a qb coach, never a Coordinator let alone a head coach. This guy shick on the Redskin team and fans when he accepted the job as head coach. I don't give a rats azz what anybody says. If they can truly try and defend Jim Zorn and feel pitty for him but bash JC 17 this is crazy. This is one of the most, as Mike Tyson would say " Ludicrous" things I have seen posted on HH. How many of you guys would accept a position of responsibility like Zorn did, knowing that you were not qualified? What would you think about these promotions nurse/surgeon, beat cop/chief of police, salesperson/CEO, How much has he cost us redskin fans by biting off more then any reasonable person would have. This guy was a wimp and passive as a coach. He lost control of his team and let a few veterans run him and the skins. When I mentioned this in the past I was blasted by the Jim Zorn apologists. Now even D Hall is talking about Jim Zorn being to passive and loosing control of the team.

Honestly if Todd Collins or Colt Brennan had took the abuse on and off the field that Campbell has taken this would not be a discussion. They would be hailed as heroes for standing in behind a sorry offensive line, Coach and game plain. They would be hailed as heroes instead of being a scapegoat. I have been a Redskins fan for over 30 years and I have never seen one of our QB's take the pounding that JC took this year. He took this game in and game out and some of you still bash him. If anything Jason deserves your loyalty not Jim Zorn. What did Zorn do besides run away with his millions after running the team in the ground? By the way Jason is one of the lowest paid QB's in the league still, but his performance is in the middle of the pack when it comes to other QB's.

Their is a elephant in the room and nobody will deal with it. Thanks J. Cash for hinting around about it on your response on the fan post about JC love or JC hate.