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LT Chad Clifton to Visit Redskins Park; This Mean No Okung?

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Update: Clifton signs with Packers - all irrelevant

What is going on? No Julius Peppers? No Karlos Dansby? It appears the Bears are the new Redskins. With a unanimous Redskins fan base wanting Okung at #4, Shanahan might feel different.

Jason Reid is reporting that the Packers LT, Chad Clifton, will be visiting Redskins Park today seeking a $7 million deal (Packers have $5 mil on the table). Clifton started 12 games last year, but has had a relatively injury free career. I realize the picture I posted of Chad brings loads of negative connotations, but it's the only AP picture that came up for Chad Clifton. He is for a sure a 2nd tier Tackle and his chronic knee problems are known.

Moving to the stats, the former Tennessee Vol does not have good experience with pro-bowler defensive ends. I checked for his stats:

-> DeMarcus Ware TORE his ass up for 2 sacks and 5 QB pressures.
-> Julius Peppers manhandled him with 2 sacks, 1 Qb hit, and 5 Qb pressures.


It's clear he did get better as the season went on, but I still have major concerns. The Packers ranked dead last in offensive line protection...and how can a guy with bad knees handle the agility of a run blocking scheme? What I fear is what we all predicted last year at LT....given Clifton's injury likelihood, who will back him up if he goes down? BRING IN SOMEONE UNDER THE AGE OF 27!

Clifton made his only Pro-Bowl in 2008 when Walter Jones backed out.

Chad Clifton is also well known for that questionable cheap shot he took from Warren Sapp which resulted in a pelvic injury causing him to miss the rest of the season in 2002. He will be 34 in June.