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Redskins Cut Ten; Status Quo Still Unacceptable

Black Thursday
Black Thursday

Bruce Allen on January 4th: "The status quo is unacceptable."

Welcome to DC, Bruce Allen and Coach Shanahan. You can't fix a screw up THIS BIG with just 10 cuts, but you're on your way. I wonder if Mike Shanahan has a voodoo Vinny Cerrato doll on his desk yet? I can totally envision the Shanahans screaming Cerrato's name as they watched game film of the OL this year. Actually, they had to be bent over laughing by week 4.

It's clear the status quo is still unacceptable as players continue to broadcast on 106.7 THE FAN everything they feel entitled to. Currently, the Redskins have no backup QB and 2 starting OL (Rabach just signed) luck with that. Bruce Allen said in his presser that the Redskins do have a plan in place and that no max dollar limit was put on him by Dan Snyder. The ten cuts  from today saved over $13 million in salary cap, so it appears this Titanic is finally floating to the top.

We all knew changes were coming and boy, did they. A lot of these guys were "pillars" in the locker room but that's all the more reason they need to go. We need a clean slate across the board in leadership (save London). Obviously, the coaches had no authority and the team captains were unable to enforce anything either.

- Antwaan Randle El
Ladell Betts
Fred Smoot
Cornelius Griffin (captain), 
Rock Cartwright (captain), 
Randy Thomas
Todd Collins
Eddie Williams
- JD Skolnitsky,    
Marcus Mason 

It's really hard for me to argue any of these cuts. Rock is a solid ST player, but the truth is he takes a RB spot and given his age, makes him expendable. Obviously, the Skins will make a run for a RB in free agency, and I think will definitely draft one. Cornelius Griffin has always been a solid player, but the fact he is now considering retirement paints a clearer picture on his health.  The rest are past their prime or lucky to be on a NFL roster.

Quotes of Redskins players on being cut after the jump

Antwaan Randle El:

"I am shocked... I had no indication.....We needed our offensive line to be patched up, and we didn't get that."

Ladell Betts:

"Some of the best fans in the world. These fans are crazy about Redskins football."
(On Portis) "He does some things and said some things that I would not do.

 Cornelius Griffin: 

"I'm at peace with it. I'm not down or bitter. I played hard. I did what they asked me to do."

Rock Cartwright [loads of quotes at Bog]::

"They never really took care of you. There were days when the only people practicing were Betts & I cause CP didn't want to practice...By him not practicing, that put more load on us....I think that kind of takes a toll on your body
"What people don't realize is the Redskins like to sell jerseys."

Randy Thomas:

 "I was a little surprised....just the timing of it" (Randy was at Redskins Park for Chris Samuels retirement, but they called Randy at home afterwards to tell him)

Marcus Mason:

"It's cool though, I am used to it."

Steinberg handled the pain-staking fun job of transcribing all of Carlos Rogers' comments on Lavar Arrington's & Chad Dukes on 106.7:

"If I had to go somewhere...Carolina is close to my home, Atlanta is my home."

"We know our need in the draft. O-line @ D-line. That's our problem every year." 

"I want a fresh start. I want to play somewhere else." 

Eeesh. I totally envision Shanahan driving home from Redskins Park today listening to the radio and with one hand reaching for his Cerrato voodoo doll.