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Washington Redskins Cornerback Situation - Resolved or Far From Resolved?

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On the heels of yesterday's heated discussion on possible middle-round quarterbacks Mike and Kyle Shanahan may or may not be interested in, I thought we would turn the debate to the defensive side of the ball today.

Now, I certainly don't expect us to target any cornerbacks at the top of this draft, and given the depth we have at the position (especially after the signing of Phillip Buchanon), I doubt that Allen or Shanahan will bring in a rookie corner this year. DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers project as our starters, with Justin Tryon, Kevin Barnes and Buchanon ostensibly left to battle for playing time. Doug Dutch, Byron Westbrook, and Marcus McCauley round out our current crop of active corners. Westbrook's trouble off the field recently does not bode well but we have a lot of time between now and training camp to sort through that.

My questions: How do you see this spot shaping up? Do you think Kevin Barnes has what it takes to start in this league? Do you see Barnes, Tryon or Buchanon seeing the field the most? Are you convinced we will not address the cornerback position in the draft? Given that Eric Berry is going to most likely be available at the #4 spot, do you think he is on our radar?

Finally, I find it intriguing that Darren Sharper remains a free agent. Sure, the Saints have the inside track on him, and he is no spring chicken...but I have always loved this player and if the name of the game for Haslett is turnovers, Sharper would be a huge pickup. I include him in this cornerback discussion because if the Redskins gave Darren Sharper a one-year deal, it would probably make the corners we have now instantly better, further diminishing the need to add more players at the spot.

I look forward to seeing the many ways this debate will be derailed! Don't let me down!