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Daily Slop: Joey Porter Arrested

Redskins interest Joey Porter, now a Cardinal, arrested [Riggos Rag/TMZ]
(Taco Bell, DUI, slapping a cop's hand...yea, dumb, dumb, dumb)

Devin Thomas is current PR/KR...Shanny might look to add another [Insider]
The Skins will definitely need to add someone via FA or draft

Expect to see a lot of Big Mike Williams at G this year [Insider]

Shanahan thinks Heyer has untapped ability [Insider]
Well, that makes one of us.

Dan Snyder responded to fan's scathing letter last year in honorable fashion [CCT]
This is the behavior I expect of an owner. Ken and I know this to be true given how well David Donovan has treated Hogs Haven after we blasted him and the owner over the ticket scandal.

Big Ben will not join Steelers for off-season activities [espn]

Rex Ryan lost 40 pounds in 3 weeks [Yahoo]
He looks mightily thin...just in time for Hard Knocks

Cowboys' practice canopy company has filed for bankruptcy. [espn]