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Hogs Haven's Official Washington Redskins All-Decade Team...Almost

We have had our share of distractions getting this roster compiled, but we did it. Thanks to all the members of Hogs Haven for debating the merits of countless Redskins and voting in these worthy players onto our All-Decade roster. The 2000's were a tough decade for every true Redskins fan, but looking over this roster brings back more positive memories than negative ones (perhaps not by much, but still definitely tilted to that side.)

For those paying attention, I have listed only 50 players here. As promised when we began, the last 3 spots are up for grabs and can be players from any position, awarded to the commenter who makes the best case for that player. I am looking for passion, analysis, humor, and not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily more of one than any other. Have at it.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team (as voted on by Hogs Haven members)...


QB: Brad Johnson, Jason Campbell, Mark Brunell

OL: Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, Tre Johnson, Randy Thomas, Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery, Ray Brown, Ethan Albright

RB: Stephen Davis, Clinton Portis, Mike Sellers, Ladell Betts, Larry Centers

TE: Chris Cooley, Stephen Alexander, Todd Yoder

WR: Santana Moss, Laveranues Coles, James Thrash, Rod Gardner, Darnerian McCants

Note: I had to scramble here. Rod Gardner was brought up by a few folks even if it was jokingly. He was actually our leading receiver from 2001-2004, and in case you haven't noticed, we are somewhat lacking in quality depth at this position. As for McCants...he is a wild card I put in as a red zone threat. He had 6 TD's in 2003 on just 27 catches. He never really showed up after that, but I still am more fond of him than Taylor Jacobs, Jacquez Green, David Patten, Brandon Lloyd, or ARE.


CB: Champ Bailey, Darrell Green, Shawn Springs, Fred Smoot, DeAngelo Hall

DT: Joe Salave'a, Cornelius Griffin, Big Daddy Wilkinson, Lorenzo Alexander, Kenard Lang

Note: Lorenzo Alexander probably won't crack a lot of All-Star rosters in the NFL, but Redskins fans appreciate his versatility and willingness to contribute in any possible way. He will be changing hats yet again this season, taking on Linebacker responsibilities in the 3-4 sets Haslett plans to employ. Lang was a hustler who got stuck inside playing Tackle a lot, but I think he saw himself as more of a pass rusher. Also known as "The People's Choice", Kenard usually gave maximum effort and was a fan favorite most days.

DE: Brian Orakpo, Marco Coleman, Andre Carter, Phillip Daniels

Note: Orakpo was pretty unanimous.

LB: London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, LaVar Arrington, Antonio Pierce, Chris Wilson, Lemar Marshall

Note: Lemar gets forgotten easily around here I think, but he was a solid linebacker for the Skins throughout the decade. He cut his teeth on special teams and as a reserve LB from 2001-2003, before his breakthrough season in 2004 when he filled in for LaVar Arrington. He anchored our defense the year we made the playoffs in 2005.

S: Sean Taylor, Ryan Clark, LaRon Landry, Matt Bowen

Special Teams

P: Hunter Smith

K: John Hall