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2009 & 2010 Pro Bowl Rosters Validate Why Redskins Should Draft Russell Okung


"Tell me something I don't already know?"

Redskins fans know first hand what a top 5 pick on a Tackle can produce...Chris Samuels. At this point, there isn't much more to say. The Redskins desperately need OL help, and the fact the RT and LT are both wide open, I don't think any amount of selling Shanahan and Bruce do that they are drafting a QB will convince me they are. Here are some stats that validate taking Russell (full Pro Bowl roster tables with pick numbers after the jump):

2010 Pro Bowl - Offensive Line Rosters:

- Of the 15 OL, 9 were first round picks. 5 of those were selected in first seven picks.
- 5 of the 7 Tackles were 1st round picks (3 being top 4 picks)
- 5 of the 11 QBs (incl reserves and alternates) were 1st round picks

2009 Pro Bowl - Offensive Line Rosters:

-  Of the 16 OL, ten were 1st round picks
-  6 of the 8 Tackles were 1st round picks.
-  4 of the 7 QBs were 1st round picks

See a trend here? DRAFT OL. 

Last year there were only a handful of OL drafted in the 1st: Jason Smith (Rams - #2), Andre Smith (Bengals - #6), Eugene Monroe (Jags - #8), and Michael Oher (Ravens - #23).  

Andre Smith had red flags, so it's hard to compare that fat blob to the physical size and health of Okung. Jason Smith had concussion issues missing 5 games, so that's a little fluky. He'll need more time before making an evaluation.  Michael Oher, who many people on this site wanted the Redskins to take last year (assuming Orakpo would be gone), played extremely well.

Looking at the charts, it's the first round picks for OL that dominate the pro bowls. This isn't the case as much for other positions. Can I ink the Redskins in for Okung already? (The one little hiccup is that the Lions GM has already mentioned he's confident he can trade out of his spot).

It would certainly make more sense to have new OL coach Chris Samuels have someone to groom, eh?

2009 Pro Bowl Roster

 Round Pick #  Starter
Jason Peters  UFA
Michael Roos 2 41
Flozell Adams 2 38
Joe Thomas 1 3
Jake Long 1 1 Reserve
Jordan Gross 1 8
Walter Jones 1 6
Chris Samuels 1 3 Reserve
Jammal Brown 1 13 Reserve
Steve Hutchinson  1 17
Chris Snee  2 34
Leonard Davis  1 2 Reserve
Davin Joseph 1 23 Reserve
Kris Dielman  UFA
Alan Faneca 1 26
Brian Waters  UFA Reserve
2010 Pro Bowl Roster

Ryan Clady 1 12
Jake Long 1 1
Joe Thomas 1 3 Reserve
D'Brickashaw Ferguson 1 4 Alternate
Jason Peters UFA
Bryant McKinnie  1 7
Jon Stinchcomb 2 37 Reserve
David Diehl  5 160 Alternate
Kris Dielman  UFA Reserve
Alan Faneca  1 26
Logan Mankins  1 32
Steve Hutchinson 1 17
Leonard Davis  1 2 Reserve
Chris Snee 2 34 Alternate
Jahri Evans 4 108


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