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Weak QB Draft Class and Free Agency in 2011 Tempts Redskins to Draft QB in 2010

Who will Goodell be introducing for the Skins this year? <em>Image via <a href=""></a></em>
Who will Goodell be introducing for the Skins this year? Image via

The never-ending Okung vs Bradford/Clausen debate has taken a beating worse than the Redskins 2009 offensive line. The #4 pick talk is almost nauseating at this point, so I'm going to take a different angle. If the Redskins do take Okung this year, where does that leave the Redskins for a QB in 2011?

1.)    Jason Campbell  - (I'm not hashing out this debate again)
2.)    2011 draft - (I covered the thin class earlier this week, but the Redskins likely won't have a top 10 pick, which leaves a huge drop-off in QB talent)
3.)    2011 - Free Agency (not a lot of options, as laid out below)

The full list of 2011 free agent QBs is after the jump, but here are the most notables,

Tom Brady (NE)
Donovan McNabb (PHI)
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA)
Tavaris Jackson (MIN)
Jason Campbell (WAS),

The Pats are close to wrapping up a deal with Mr. Bundchen, so cross Brady off the list. McNabb and Hasselbeck are boats both taking in water, and Tavaris Jackson is as predictable as Keno.  So, like this year, there won't be many options in the draft or free agency for a QB. That leaves Jason Campbell and whoever the Redskins take in the draft this year (with their limited five picks). I submitted our SB Nation pick for the Redskins this week selecting Russell Okung, simply for the reason that Sam Bradford as a Redskin would spend the 2010 season either in the emergency room or on the bench. The Skins need a starter this year. I think the Redskins are playing this perfectly. Show interest for QBs upping the value for people to trade up.

Shanahan will get a good look at Campbell in the workouts leading up to the draft. The Browns are already at Madison Square Garden with their 1st round pick marked thinking of trading up for Colt McCoy, so that really only leaves Clausen. Mel Kiper is making sense; however, Clausen pushed back his pro day with that lingering toe injury.  If the Redskins use their #4 pick, it's going to be Okung. 

2011 less notable Free Agent QBs:

Troy Smith (BAL)Trent Edwards (BUF)Matt Moore (CAR) Caleb Hanie (CHI)Just Turnovers O'Sullivan (CIN)Jordan Palmer (CIN)Seneca Wallace (CLE)Kyle Orton (DEN)Shaun Hill (DET)Drew Stanton (DET)Luke McCown (JAX)Brodie Croyle (KC)Matt Gutierrez (KC)Chad Pennington (MIA)Tyler Thigpen (MIA)Jim Sorgi (NYG)Kellen Clemens (NYJ)Bruce Gradkowski (OAK) - Jamarcus thru 2013Kevin Kolb (PHI)Michael Vick (PHI)Alex Smith (SF)Rex Grossman (WAS)Dennis Dixon (PIT)Billy Volek (SD)Byron Leftwich (TB)Kerry Collins (TEN)