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Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Honest-To-God Football Talk

Like many of you, I was only barely able to escape yesterday's Hogs Haven discussion with my support and love of Devin Thomas intact. When he is destroying the NFL next season on his way to his first Pro Bowl, we will all forget that Kevin made us read about his love of naked bodies. In the meantime, I thought I would toss out a few topics to get this All-Decade team wrapped up and put to bed. In the comments section below I will frame up a question on each of the remaining positions, with my automatic bid included. I leave it to the Hogs Haven faithful to help make this team complete. I'll publish the final roster next week (I'll sandbag it for the day when the only thing we have to cover is London Fletcher doing a cooking show or DeAngelo Hall appearing on "The View"...)

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team So Far...


QB: Brad Johnson, Jason Campbell, Mark Brunell

OL: Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, Tre Johnson, Randy Thomas, Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery, Ray Brown, Ethan Albright

RB: Stephen Davis, Clinton Portis, Mike Sellers, Ladell Betts, Larry Centers


CB: Champ Bailey, Darrell Green, Shawn Springs, Fred Smoot, DeAngelo Hall

Special Teams

P: Hunter Smith

K: John Hall

We are looking for a few good DT's, LB's, WR's and TE's...and of course a safety or two.

Thanks in advance for the spirited discussion. Don't forget, eligibility is as simple as suiting up in the decade (but service time is fair game for debating the merits of an individual's inclusion.)