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Interview with Wizards Play-by-Play Steve Buckhantz; Talk Redskins (Video)

I've been in Shannytown (aka Denver) the last 2 weeks and took in the Wizards predictable loss to the Nuggets last night. When I saw the tickets on Denver's Craigslist basically giving away lower bowl seats, I knew I'd be sitting close. I ended up scalping a front row ticket for $60. The Wiz are good for something! 

Eddie Royal (Broncos WR, VA Tech Hokie, born in Alexandria, VA) was sitting over from me. I asked him if he still had any love for the Redskins and he replied without hesitation, "I'm a Bronco." So, I rubbed it in a little asking how VA Tech is doing in the tournament. His rep didn't want him doing a video interview, so I lost his attention with all the autograph/picture seekers. Nice guy though.

After the game I walked over to talk to Buck (Phil had already left). I asked Steve for his thoughts on:

- Larry Johnson signing,
- Who'd he select if the Skins had the #1 overall pick
- Who's he rooting for in a Cavs/Mavs final...

Someday I'll work up the nerve to ask him if he's ever yelled "Dagger!!" in an intimate moment. Thanks again to Buck for taking the time...

Steve said the Ted Leonsis deal will happen at some point, just not sure when. He also was unsure if Gil will play for the Wiz next year. I thought for sure he was since the Wiz have made no contact with the NBA about cutting him so far....guess not.