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Draftix Season Ticket Sharing (Sponsored Post)

Ken and I have discussed setting up an area where Redskins fans can exchange their Redskins season tickets at face value to fellow Redskins fans for months now. SB Nation by chance just took in an advertiser (website) that specializes in these types of hand-offs. Check it out as we will too. There are some Skins tickets already in there. [DC Draftix

Draftix is an advertiser to SB Nation- They are currently running a campaign targeting Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Chicago. Because they're a current supporter of the sites, it might peak your interest. All of SB Nation received the PR note below from their CEO and agreed to post it for anyone who might be interested. Check it out:


I'm the founder of a company called Draftix. Draftix is a site that allows serious sports fans to find, form or manage groups for sharing season tickets. As I’m sure you know, these groups are a common way to make season tickets more affordable and practical, and they avoid the ridiculous prices and fees on StubHub and Ticketmaster. 

Besides creating a marketplace for season tickets, we facilitate everything from an online ticket draft to ticket distribution to trades during the season. We make money through ads that sponsors purchase on the site and a 5% transaction fee charged to those who use our site buy into a ticket-sharing group.

Check out this YouTube video I recorded that goes into more detail about Draftix or visit our website

We're currently test marketing the site in Baltimore, DC, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, which is why I'm contacting you.  The site is just getting off the ground and we could use your help spreading the word.

Thanks for your time,

Mike Tobin, CEO of Draftix