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Redskins Vote of Confidence May Be All Jason Campbell Needs (Oh, and a good offensive line too)

I believe there are 2 different types of confidence an NFL player can have. First is innate confidence (often referred to as moxy or swagger), that comes with just believing in yourself, and knowing that your good. Most people either have it or they don’t. The second is inherent, or learned confidence, that come when others believe in you, and instill in you the confidence needed to perform at such a high level. Some players have both, some only one, but I believe to play in the NFL, you need to have at least one of the two mentioned, with the second often being more important than the first.

Jason Campbell obviously has the first of these two. He was a highly decorated QB during his senior year at Auburn, leading his team to an undefeated season, and garnering him many awards along the way. He was a first round draft choice by the Washington Redskins, and was poised to lead the team to new heights. He wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t have confidence in his own abilities.

Somewhere along the way he was broken down, and was not built back up properly. Many quarterbacks who come into the league need to be knocked down a few pegs, before they can be re-molded into the type of QB their team desires, but I do not believe this was the case for Jason. He has always been a humble, quite, lead-by-example type of quarterback. Maybe the type of quarterback that needs to be nurtured not needled. Maybe someone who needed to be given more responsibility and control, not hamstrung buy a head coach/coordinator who didn’t even know what to do himself.

It seems that no one in the organization has ever truly believed in him. Coaches, especially Zorn, were have known to have limited his ability to call audible and change plays at the line of scrimmage. Gibbs benched him after recovering from a late season injury in favor of veteran Todd Collins (who by the way did a nice job in leading us to a playoff run). He was the subject of trade talks at the beginning of last season to try and lure Jay Cutler to the Nation's Capital (whom by the way had one of the worst seasons of his short career with the Bears in 2009). These do not show me a vote of confidence in Campbell.

What could truly help this young signal caller is a trust, added responsibility, and a vote of confidence from the new staff. I know it’s hard to do, when they have had so little time to evaluate him on a personal level, but if the Redskins truly believe in him and his abilities to lead this team, this is an approach I believe needs to be taken.

The Eagles and Andy Reid believed in, and instilled the needed confidence in Donavan McNabb, and he turned out pretty well. The Giants did the same with a young Eli Manning, and all he did was lead them to a super bowl victory.

Now I know it’s not fair to compare Campbell to McNabb and Eli, but it’s also not fair to expect him to perform without the needed support from those in the organization. So what I’m asking is for the current staff to either make a decision to support him moving forward, or to let him go seek another opportunity that will give him the support and backing that he needs. And oh yeah, buy the way, and offensive line too.