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Redskins First Team Activities Begin Today; What Players Will Skip?

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The saying "Hindsight is 20/20" has never been more true then when it comes to the Jim Zorn era. It's well known that Shanahan expects FULL attendance for today's first team activities, the off-season conditioning program. The tone at Redskins Park is a vast difference than last year and players certainly have to think twice about not showing up (figuring 10 teammates were just cut, including team captain Rock Cartwright and locker room leaders Antwaan Randle El and Randy Thomas). Here are some quotes from Jim Zorn about this time last year:

"I talked to London today, but I couldn't get a hold of anyone else," Coach Jim Zorn said. "We'll run them down and see what they're doing...They know that OTAs are today and this week and next week. Everybody has a plan about it, I'm sure, but I'm not concerned that, 'Oh, my gosh, there's a problem here.' "

"[Carlos Rogers] was one of the surprises," Zorn said. "I don't know if he has something going on because he doesn't miss. I'll have to research that and see what's cooking." was that not a red flag? So, will any players miss this week? Santana and Clinton have always been ones to stay in Miami. Laron Landry of course had his disappearing act last season where no one could get a hold of him for days. 

New Contest: Since no one won the T-Shirt contest to guess the first Redskins free agent signing (Artis Hicks), we'll change it to name the first Redskin who won't show up. (if they all show, then we all win). Tie-breakers will be naming all Redskins (if more than one doesn't put multiple IF you think so).