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Winds of Change are Blowing at Redskins Park


To steal the lyrics of a great band from the 80’s, the Scorpions:

"The future’s in the air, can feel it everywhere. I’m blowing with the winds of change."

Change is certainly in the air at Redskins Park these days as the new staff searches for a new identity in a new decade that is sure to bring about major change to our team.

The rumors abound of a new 3-4 defense, a youthful roster built more from the draft than free agency, and a changing of the guard in coaching staff and philosophy. The once spend-happy approach of an owner desperate to do anything to win a super bowl, has now been replaced with a thrifty, cautious approach, that has taken many Redskins fans by surprise this off-season.

Yet we have only just begun.

The Redskins are in desperate need of a new face-of-the-franchise. Our aging stars of the past have become just that; aging stars. Many of these old faces have moved on to different teams, leaving us with a mixture of veteran players who can provide depth and leadership, and un-proven young players eager to show the new staff what they are capable of doing. Every good franchise has a good mix of the previous two, but every good franchise also has one thing we are lacking; a face of the franchise.

In the Cerrato days, owner Daniel Snyder, and his puppet Vinny positioned Clinton Portis as the poster boy for the Redskins. Postis’ light-hearted spirit, combined with his unusual media-day garb provided some entertainment value for those in the DC area. He was also able to back up his childish demeanor with stellar play on the football field.

Those days are long gone, and although Shanahan still believes Portis to be an integral part of his offense in 2010, he has certainly not endeared himself to the Redskins faithful over the last 2 year. His lack of off-season conditioning, poor work ethic, and questionable leadership abilities have left the Redskins in a precarious situation: A franchise without an identity.

So moving forward to April 22nd, in prime time under the lights in NYC, in front of millions of viewers, the Redskins have a chance to become relevant again. We need a new leader of this team, and a new face of the franchise to lead us into the new decade and back to relevance. And it just so happens that, as many pundits also believe, we are in need of a new quarterback to carry the franchise out of the dark ages.

Enter Sam Bradford.

Bradford is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the history of the Big12. His record setting Heisman year of 2008 was nothing short of amazing. He has shown the moxy that few of his age and experience have, and is a proven winner. He does, however, come with some concerns. He was injured early in the 2009 season, when his shoulder was crushed by nearly 300lbs of weight from a jarring hit he sustained during a game. His season ended abruptedly, and all were left to second guess his future. But now with a clean bill of health, and the resume to go along with it, his rise and fall should be catapulted yet again with an early round draft selection in the 2010 NFL draft.

Some lucky team is going to give him millions to become their next franchise quarterback, and face of the franchise. For a team like the Redskins, who are in desperate need for an identity, this could be a match made in Daniel Snyder heaven.

To quote the Scorpions yet again, "the wind of change blows straight, into the face of time", and that time is now for a once storied franchise who is suffering from a major identity crisis. Will Bradford become the change we are looking for and so desperately need? Only time will tell.