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Redskins' Andre Carter Talks About Possibly Being the Odd Man Out

Update: Via Jason Reid at Redskins Insider - Andre is not unhappy

Jason Reid: "I know Carter very well...He is not unhappy and should not be lumped in with anyone who has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team for any reason.

 Carter has a no-trade clause for the length of his contract. As of this week, the Redskins had not approached Carter about waiving it in an attempt to facilitate a trade, people familiar with the situation said. But Carter also is due a $3.2 million option bonus in July, and another of $4.075 million before the 2011 season."


Both Brian Murphy, of Homer McFanboy, and Chris Russell, of 106.7 THE FAN, were able to talk to to Andre Carter recently about what appears being the odd man out in the Redskins new, 3-4 defensive scheme. I'll first talk about Brian's interview, which is a must read in it's entirety. I've had a gut feeling Andre will be traded for a couple weeks now and these two interviews seem to defend that. Andre admits he was lost in the San Fran in 3-4, and it's not what he prefers to do. And why should he? Rushing as DE is what he does best, which he proved last year. From his talks with Jim Haslett, though, it appears there may be room for Andre:

"[Haslett] said I'll be the left outside linebacker and Brian Orakpo will be on the right," he said. "I'm used to being on the other side, but hey, he's the boss. Because I'm so used to being on the other side, I'll have to work on some things, like transferring certain muscle groups and things like that. But that's part of the job. There were times last year, with some of our packages, when I would line up on the left side, so I'm familiar with it. If that's what they want, then fine. As far as dropping back in coverage and things of that nature, the way he explained it to me, it's a lot easier than my experiences as a linebacker in 2005."    

"Now, I've talked with Coach [Jim] Haslett and I understand that this 3-4 scheme is nothing like that Baltimore Ravens scheme and what I experienced in 2005," he continued. "For me, the most difficult part of that experience was coverage. Back then I had to cover the tight end man to man, and that was an experience."     

So wait. Andre already has problems with a 3-4 coverage, so then you're going to move him to the other side where he'd have more problems?

Translation:  "If we're unable to deal you...we're going to put you here."

Orakpo certainly had his problems in coverage too, but where Andre falls apart is his speed. In 2009, any RB that got the corner Andre was unable to close. That certainly could be said for most DE's, but this will be especially problematic if he's the OLB. Andre also honestly, and respectfully, explained his other flaws in gap coverage.

Homer McFanboy then gets into the details of his off-season. Does this sound like a player that will be a Redskin in 2010?...

Brian: Okay, so where are you and how are you?

"I'm back in California," Carter said. "I was in Virginia for a hot second because my wife and I bought a home in SoCal, so we were there to pack some stuff up. Now we're out here trying to get situated, so we're staying pretty busy."

Brian:  So basically, you're saying you want out of D.C. and you no longer want to be a member of the Washington Redskins ...

(Laughs.) "Nah, nah, nah, man. I'm still a Redskin," he said. "Well, I think so."

The next big question is when did Andre buy his house in SoCal and put his up for sale? Since I'm a betting man, my guess is in the last 3 months.

Chris Russell paints a much bleaker picture from his interview with #99:

I can say that Andre Carter is mentally struggling with every aspect of the switch from defensive end to outside linebacker.

When I reached out via text on Thursday night to Carter, I asked if he wanted me to say anything on his behalf  to dispute the La Canfora report or had he reached a point in his mind where he wanted to leave Washington. As part of his response, he simply said "As for the trade, no comment."

Carter added exclusively to 106.7 the FAN,  "Right now, I'm still under contract with the Redskins and plan to attend minicamp (OTA's),"

Both statements quite honestly surprised me to a large degree, because I sensed a lot of frustration, hurt and perhaps even anger in Carter's words. 

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