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Daily Slop: Randle El to be #4 WR in PIT

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Larry Foote wants $8 million guaranteed []
(Visiting with Cards next who desperately need to replace Dansby)

Redskins zone-blocked 90% of the time last year [Insider]

Randle El assumes #3 WR in PIT, he'll actually be #4 [fanhouse]

Former Redskin Leigh Torrence re-signs 1-year with Saints []

Colts claim another Vinny Cerratoian, JD Skolnitsky [examiner]
(They claimed Cody Glenn last season)

NFL Redzone Channel to appear on Verizon phones [yahoo]
(Not sure what this means for Sprint and NFL Mobile Live)

Jaguars fans don't want any round [yahoo]
Ticket Promotion fail

Broncos defense has 9 starters over 30 []
(Insert Cerrato joke here)

Derek Anderson says CLE fans "don't deserve a winner" [aol]
(Derek, the fans live in fricking Cleveland, are about to lose Lebron, and have a horrible baseball team. Booing QBs is all they got. It'd be better to stay quiet and move on. Cards have interest in Derek).