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Daily Slop: Redskins News and Notes

Chris Samuels expected to announce retirement this week [every news outlet]
His departure echoes the absence at LT and how a top 5 pick at that position pays huge dividends

Lorenzo Alexander to play outside LB in 3-4 [Insider]

Redskins trying to keep Phillip Daniels [Examiner]
He will be 37 this year, but his size and leadership is invaluable.

Red Snapper and Skins close to a deal [Insider]

Mike Holmgren does not want a QB competition in CLE [espn]
After getting the chance to Brady Quinn at the Super Bowl for 20 minutes, I'm definitely pulling for him. Nice dude, and well, CLE will never be a threat to the Redskins.

Darrent Williams trial under way; Brandon Marshall ID's shooter [espn]

Tebow's new throwing motion is gaining believers [espn]