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Colts RG Kyle DeVan; Another Former Redskin in Super Bowl


Add Colts starting Right Guard Kyle DeVan to the list of former Redskins in the Super Bowl (Chase Daniel, Mark Brunell, Pierson Prioleau, Cody Glenn). The Colts are a bit similar in the Redskins in that they search for OL gems in the UDFA market. It's quick to see that the Polians are much better at this than former EVP, Vinny Cerrato. The Redskins signed DeVan three days after the 2008 draft and cut him later that July. He had later tryouts with the Jets that did not work out either. Via the Houston Chron:

This time last year, [Kyle] was living with his mom and stepfather and making $100 a day when he could find work as a substitute teacher in his hometown of Vacaville, Calif.

He taught math, history, English, whatever, at every level from fifth grade to high school. He was a 2003 state wrestling champ, so he helped out with that team, too.

In April, the Boise Burn of ArenaFootball2 telephoned, told him there'd been some injuries, and asked if he would he like to play. Then he got a break when his agent, Leo Goeas, talked the Colts into giving DeVan a tryout.

In a crazy way, he fits...Jeff Saturday called him "the heart and soul" of the team.       

I'm not going to blast the Redskins on this. Obviously, different players fit in different systems and gain success as they improve over time. However, it is fair to say that the Redskins were unable to have any success in the undrafted free agent market for as long as I can remember on the Oline. My point:

One of his offensive line teammates, [Jeff] Saturday, worked as an electrician during a year out of football. Left guard Ryan Lilja came to the Colts after being cut by the Chiefs.    

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