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Sam Bradford Might Have Problems Playing for the Redskins...Being a Native American

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Sam Bradford did a radio interview with Kevin Sheehan's Sports Fix on ESPN 980 radio today.

On the shoulder:

Sam Bradford: Shoulder feels great. I throw several days a week. Dr. Andrews said I'm ahead of schedule. He said no doubt I'll be 100% by my pro-day."

OK for the juicy stuff:

Kevin Sheehan: You are of Native American descent, correct?

Sam Bradford: Correct.

Kevin Sheehan: So, out of curiosity, do you have any sort of feelings about the Redskins name?

Sam Bradford: "You know,obviously in Oklahoma there's a large Native American population. There are a lot of opinions on that name....but...I really don't feel like, you know, I need to be, you know, voicing my opinion. You know. If it's something I have to do down the line, you know, then I will, but I just don't feel like I need to address that issue right now."    

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good. Obviously the kid is being careful not to say the wrong thing for any question, but I can't help but think he'd say " doesn't other me" if it actually didn't. 

Update: A great comment below from juperee: "My guess is that Sam is hedging his bets here because he doesn’t feel offended himself, but he doesn’t want to offend people who think he should be offended."

You can listen to the clip here.