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Hogs Haven Has a Good Month; Bump up 8 spots in Wikio Rankings

I was contacted by, who publishes the rankings on blogs each month. Currently (for January), Hogs Haven ranked 31st in all sports blogs, but the new stats that come out tomorrow have us at 23. That is some damn good company on this list, which I included after the jump. It's definitely appreciated on our side to see the site is having success not only via all your comments, but also in the metrics.

What should be our goal for 2010? Crack the top 15 maybe? Mile High Report is the SB Nation blog for the Broncos and is sitting pretty at 18. John Bena does a helluva job on that site. In fact, 20-23 are all SB Nation sites. I was very skeptical at first since these rankings don't have quality sites like in the top 30 either. I included their stat measurements after the jump as well.

So, my flight for Miami leaves tomorrow as I too am jumping into the Super Bowl festivities. I plan on taking pictures and giving a full recap when I return, so maybe some drunken pictures of Cowboys players can help boost the numbers up to the top 5. I'll be tweeting all weekend, so follow the HogsHaven twitter account if you wish. We definitely have ins to some of the big parties and of course the Super Bowl...stay tuned. 

How are the stats compiled? Via Wikio website:

The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. Our algorithm accords a greater value to links from blogs placed higher up in the ranking.

A blog linking another blog is only counted once a month i.e. if blog A links to blog B 10 times in a given month, it is only counted as having linked to that blog once that month. The weight of any link decreases over time. Also, if a blog always links to the same blog, the weight of these links is decreased.

Only links found in RSS feeds are counted. Blogrolls are not taken into account.

February 2010 Wikio Rankings (to be published on 2/5/2010)

1 Deadspin
2 MLB Trade Rumors
3 TrueHoop
4 The Big Lead
5 The Sporting Blog
7 Beyond the Boxscore
8 Minor League Ball
9 The LoHud Yankees Blog
10 MetsBlog
11 Kissing Suzy Kolber
12 Blazers Edge
13 Baseball Analysts
14 Amazin' Avenue
15 U.S.S. Mariner
16 MGoBlog
17 River Ave. Blues
18 Mile High Report
19's Astrowire
20 Stampede Blue
21 Arrowhead Pride
22 Bullets Forever
23 Hogs Haven
24 Lookout Landing
25 Talking Points with Tim Kawakami
26 Larry Brown Sports
27 Rocky Top Talk
28 CelticsBlog
29 Daily Norseman
30 DawgSports

Ranking by Wikio