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NFC East Weekly Recap: Second Arrest Goes To...

Cowboys FB Dean Anderson arrested for traffic warrants; guns seized [espn]
(Chad Rinehart with the first NFC East one)

Cowboys consider putting franchise tag on Miles Austin [BTB]

Cutting Nick Folk was a stupid mistake [espn]

Eagles hire Dick Jauron as secondary coach [espn]
(How the mighty have fallen. He no doubt has great expertise though.)

Eagles sign Durant Brooks (and they seem happy about it) [BGN]
(This probably means he'll be a Pro-Bowler next year)

Eli Manning's mentor/QB coach, Palmer, leaves for UFL [Giant Blog]

Redskins after the jump...

Portis expects to play next year [Bog]
He still hasn't been cleared by doctors yet. I have some issue with his comments about only trying to have "fun." Cooley and Moss are able to have fun, but they don't publicly call out single players. Cooley was on the radio yesterday with Elliot and he said it's not hard to cover the Super Bowl this week since the Redskins never had a chance of being in it. Clinton, there is a way to be critical. You were not even practicing or playing with the team for half the season, so for you to go out and blast a team captain that was taking shot after shot is not "fun." Come on...see the line and learn to walk it.

Keenan McCardell has a SB ring with the 1991 Redskins [Skins Blog]

McCardell was selected in the 12th round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, but he never took the field in a Redskins' uniform. He, however, got a Super Bowl ring with the Redskins while being on injured reserve. McCardell was cut after the 1991 season.