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Tony Pike: 2nd Round QB Option for the Redskins?

I am still not sold Jason Campbell is the QB for the 2010 Redskins. The week leading up to the start of free agency is the equivalent of the flop coming in Texas Hold 'Em, and something stinks. Shanahan only said, "Campbell is our QB," and people ran wild with that. Yes, that's true...he is currently our QB. That doesn't mean he will be in a week. Since Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen seem less likely, Tony Pike is a name that has been on a lot of 2nd round radars. So, it's worth taking a look.

Tony Pike | 6'6 - 223 | QB | Cincinnati | Senior

2009: 62.4%, 29 TD, 6 INT, 12 sacks (Missed 3 games - forearm)
2008: 61.4%, 19 TD, 11 INT, 18 sacks (Broke forearm - 6 screws & plate)   

My Take:

The major criticism, which Tony admits, is that a large majority of the snaps he took in college were out of the shotgun (Spread Offense). So, the rhythm and footwork off the drop steps will need a lot of work. Other than that, he is impressive. There is a 10-minute  highlight video after the jump of his best and worst throws, and he clearly shines. What stands out to me is how much he resembles Peyton Manning, which I later discovered he follows closely. Specifically, his stance in the shot gun, his ability to step away from a pass rush, and the release.  The difference is Pike has some wheels and has a nice slide (cough, Jason, cough). Pike throws VERY well on the run, which is needed with the current state of the Redskins Oline. One concerning thing is he likes to throw against his body. That certainly won't fly in the NFL, and he'll learn that quick enough. 

Scouting Analysis, Highlights (Video) , and Combine Interview (Video) after the jump... Analysis:

Accuracy: Smooth, accurate throws to either sideline. On the money with slants, giving receivers a chance to make a play after the catch. Puts good air under the deep ball when the receiver is behind his man and calmly throws to the wide open man with a little off the ball when defenders fall down. Makes the behind-the-shoulder throw when needed. Places end zone throws where only his receiver can make the play. Accurate with a defender draped on him. Height and delivery make most of his misses high. Throws sideline passes too far inside where corners and safeties can make the play.

Arm Strength: Average to above-average arm. Typically throws with seemingly little effort but recognizes when he really needs to step into one. Throws outs to the short or far side with plenty of strength. Tight spiral on most passes, but will wobble a bit when putting air under the throw. Good touch on short throws. Has zip on intermediate throws when arm drops into three-quarter slot.

Setup/Release: Usually works out of the shotgun, but is also poised taking the snap under center. Agile coming out from the snap to hand off despite his height. Stands tall (literally and figuratively) and carries the ball well in the pocket. Quiet feet and shows good balance when not pressured, but tends to get skittish and leave the pocket unnecessarily. Mostly over the top with his delivery with nice follow through to ensure accuracy. Drops his arm into a three-quarters slot when the time is right. Steps up into the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and deliver. Lapses into a wind-up at times instead of his typically quick release.

Reading Defenses: Recognizes defense's weakness and exploits it. Height allows him to survey the field and find second or third option when patient, but often bird-dogs primary option, allowing defenders to knock down passes or jump routes. Doesn't recognize zone corners or safeties waiting for his late throws. Puts balls into traffic, putting his receivers at risk over the middle, or throws across his body over the middle when trying to make a play. Floats passes down the middle, allowing safeties into the play. Can throw before his receiver makes his break on out routes. Needs to sell ball and pump fakes better.

On the Move: Unexpected mobility for his size. Some elusiveness in the pocket and in the open field. Runs with the ball too loose inside and outside the pocket. Doesn't go down as easily as you would think given his lean frame; able to step away from players falling at his feet or trying to cut tackle him. Feels back-side pressure and capable of staying ahead of quick defenders to get the ball away. Will slide when prudent, although it is a bit awkward because of his height. Makes accurate short, intermediate and deep throws running to either his left or right, keeping his shoulders square while moving down the line.

Intangibles: Strong competitor; no problems with his work ethic or ability to run an NFL offense. Stepped up his leadership as a senior, but there are still questions there. Durability is a major concern given his lanky frame and injury history. Missed four games in 2009 after needing surgery to replace a damaged a protective six-inch plate already inserted in his left (non-throwing) arm from a break occurring in 2008.


Interview at combine: