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Last Call for Hotel Reservations; Russ Grimm Hall of Fame Weekend

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Borrowed with love from <a href="">redskinsblog</a>
Borrowed with love from redskinsblog

Hogs Haven will be making it's triumphant return back to Canton, OH, August 6th-8th, for Russ Grimm's induction to the Hall of Fame, and we want all Skins fans there. With Emmitt getting inducted, I want to make sure there are as many Redskins fans there as possible to hush the Cowboys fans, so I did some research on hotels for you guys. All of Canton is already booked solid, but there are a few spots open. Act quick and book them:

1.) The Knights Inn has a few spots open at $119 a now.

3950 Convenience Drive NW
Canton, OH44718US
Phone: 330-492-5030

2.) The Canton, OH, Best  Western, has suites available but they run $349 a night. For those that don't know Canton, it's a dump and you can get away with anything. Loading that room up with 10 Redskins fans is not a problem. We're staying at the Motel 6

3.) Massalon, OH has hotels for $105/night and it's only 10 mins out of Canton. One Redskins fan already emailed me they're staying here.

4.) The Microtel Inn has a huge block of rooms reserved for the Hall of Fame family members, so call back early July and try to finagle a room then when they start releasing unsold ones. Obviously, this should be last resort. Canton is that dumpy where some motels don't have online booking, so persistence will get you there. 

Redskins fans DOMINATED Canton with #28 and #81 going's only fair we equal the match with the first Hog to go. It is a fantastic weekend all around, and for those that make it we will be meeting for a massive tailgate involving all Redskins fans.

Art Monk got a 4-minute ovation...come on Redskins fans. This website is dedicated to the Hogs...let's show our support (and get hammered)'s what Russ would want.