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Franchise Tag, You're It: 2010 Latest Updates

laser tag
laser tag

Julius Peppers will be released
(Franchising him 2nd year in a row would cost $21.5 million)

CB's Dunta Robinson and Leigh Bodden also expected to hit FA
(I'd imagine the Redskins will heavy interests in Dunta being a Houston Texan)

Brian Westbrook released
(Understandable with injuries...too risky for $7.5 million salary)

Broncos cut Center Casey Wiegmann and RB (and former Terp) LaMont Jordan

His agent: "Casey will move on as well. He has, at least, a couple of more good years left in him and he looks forward to continuing his career elsewhere."Casey ran the zone scheme with Shanahan, so keep an eye on his name.

Patriots franchise tag NT Vince Wilfork

49ers franchise tag NT Aubrayo Franklin

Packers about to franchise tag NT Ryan Pickett

Steelers likely to franchise tag NT Casey Hampton; K Jeff Reed to get "transition" tag
(For those that don't know, in an uncapped year, each team can franchise tag 2 players..the 2nd tag is called "transition" tag)

LaDainian Tomlinson cut
(Ballsy moves since Bolts likely can't afford to keep Sproles either - they used the franchise on Sproles last year. LT was owed $2 million roster bonus early March, hence the cut)

Saints don't franchise Darren Sharper - will let him test FA and hope to resign him
(Sharper insulted...he obviously doesn't know Gregg Williams like we do)

Raiders likely to tag Richard Seymour [Silver and Black]

Cowboys won't franchise Miles Austin [Fort Worth Star]

A franchise tag would cost the Cowboys a $9.521 million salary for next year and require two first-round picks as compensation if another team signed him to a long deal. However, Jones said there's no reason to do that when the highest tender of $3.168 million for a restricted free agent with a first- and third-round draft pick compensation will do.

Nick Folk signs with Jets
(Cowboys still need a Kicker)