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Jim Haslett Sheds Some Light on Redskins 2010 Defense; Aggressive D is Back!

Larry Michael sat down with new Redskins Defensive Coordinator, Jim Haslett, to discuss his resume and coaching style. It's very clear after hearing this interview the Greg Blache days of playing conservative defense are over.

"We're aggressive...we're going to be a D that generates turnovers."
"We have a lot of good football players...we just need to get the best out of them"

We've always talked about it here where players were not being used to their strengths and Jim Haslett is confirming that. Taylor" class="sbn-auto-link">Jason Taylor and Albert Haynesworth's public comments validate that. 

Haslett on the positives of a 3-4:

"The Quarterbacks and the offense don't know where the rushers are coming from"
"It's hard to prepare's hard to get a running game going."

Haslett on Brian Orakpo:

"He's a unique talent. He's only going to get better. He had 11 sacks but didn't really get any turnovers. He rushed 400 some times, if we can get him up to 800 times the sky is the limit."

What a novel idea! Have your best pass rusher ALWAYS going after the QB.

Haslett on Haynesworth:

"He's the kind of guy you need to sit down with and explain what you're doing and how he fits in. I told him this the other day, "Don't worry abnout what position you're gonna play. You can play nose, you can play end, you can play LB.We're going to use the best of his qualities. He'll be scary on center or some weak Guard."

Haslett on London Fletcher:

"I never really met him. I flip on the tape when I first get here and the guy is amazing. He hasn't really lost anything. He can run the field. He's instinctive. He's a born leader.I'm excited to work with him."

Haslett on current defense:

The rankings here the last 2 years are good, but I don't judge a defense where you rank because that is misleading. The Saints are ranked 26th in the league in defense and they're in the Super Bowl and had 45 turnovers this year. So, to me, it's how many sacks you get, how many turnovers you get, what havoc you can reek, and getting the ball back to the offense.

Every off-season we get excited for this kind of stuff,but with the new regime, it's clear that we have people that truly know how to assess and use talent.