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Weekly Update: News Updates on the Redskins NFC East Foes

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Below is the weekly recap of all the biz going on with our NFC competition:


Giants to try out Nick Folk [Big Blue View]
(I'm still baffled as to why Dallas did not put him on IR...Dallas News agrees)

Osi Umenyiora threatens to quit football if he doesn't get his starting job back [espn]
(That's the kind of player you want on your team...players that feel entitled to starting positions)

Giants promote WR coach Mike Sullivan to QB Coach [AP
Replaces Chris Palmer, who mentored/coached Eli Manning from draft day.


Stacy Andrews willing to restructure his contract with the Eagles [BGN]
(Naturally after hearing rumors arise he could be cut [BGN])

Eagles are likely to retain Vick and pay $1.5 million bonus early March [Yahoo]
(Makes sense...he has some trade value so no point in just cutting him)

Westbrook 100% will not retire [NESN]
(Why would he when he is due $7.25 million next season? (last year of contract)


Demarcus Ware had minor foot surgery yesterday [BTB]
(Waited til after Pro Bowl to have a bone spur shaved down)

Safety Alan Ball, Center Duke Preston, and NT Jay Ratliff also had minor surgeries [NFP]

Cowboys may split training camp in 2 cities [Star Telegram]
(As long as it's not in a bubble tent, I'm sure the players are OK with that)

Jessica Simpson still talks to Romo and cheers for him [Dallas News]
( cute! I'm sure Romo's current girlfriend approves of that)