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Daily Slop: Rumors Continue to Fly; Meet Redskins New Coaches

Marc Bulger cleans out locker; Rams eye Michael Vick & Jason Campbell [footballnews]

John Clayton: Redskins will tender Campbell for 1st & 3rd pick [espn]
Eagles likely to release Vick

Meet RB Coach Bobby Turner (Video) [Skins Blog]

"Oh, [Portis] definitely has something left," Turner said. "We were excited about Clinton when we drafted him. We’ve looked at a bunch of his games, pretty close to every one...and he definitely has something left."

Meet Secondary Coach Bob Slowik (Video) [Skins Blog]
He & Larry Michael talked Landry and Hall but notably avoided the elephant in the room: Carlos Rogers

Raiders now have the 2 most expensive kickers of all time [espn]
Sign Janikowski to record deal; Inked Lechler last year to record P deal

Spagnuolo eyeing Antonio Pierce for STL []

Kevin Kolb has not negotiated with Eagles yet []

Sources: San Diego Chargers shopping cornerback Antonio Cromartie for running back [espn]
LT likely out and Sproles facing free agency