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2 Reasons Sam Bradford Will Be Off the Board by the Redskins #4 Pick

Fellow SB Nation blog for the STL Rams, Turf Show Times, has an interesting and very possible scenario playing out for Sam Bradford.

The issue of the Rams drafting a QB is inextricably linked to the discussion of no-so-consensus first overall pick Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions, who pick behind the Rams at our usual number two spot. This latest information comes from a post centered on the emerging meme of whether or not Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy is a better DT than Suh.    

The other interesting piece of information was that the Rams had considered drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the second overall pick last year. The Jets trading up to No. 5 and taking Sanchez was considered a reach so the Rams would've taken plenty of heat for taking Sanchez at No. 2 -- which is why they didn't. But after the rookie performance by Sanchez, it appears the Rams -- who took tackle Jason Smith -- made a mistake.

I've seen some mock drafts with the Rams even taking Jimmy Clausen with the 1st pick. Can you imagine if Cerrato and Snyder were still running the show? I can already envision the Redskins 2010 and 2011 first round picks gone to trade up to #1 and take Bradford. I spent a lot of time reading the reviews of Okung over all the scout sites and the negatives are measly at best. It was as if they were writing something just to put space in the negative area. "Needs work on rushing plays but techniques are easily fixed with next level coaching" type stuff. Either way, there are no guarantees Sam Bradford will be there now given the Rams' serious need to replace Marc "Mr. Glass" Bulger.

Update: SB Nation's own mock draft and scout website, Mocking the Draft, just posted their most recent mock draft. The explanations along with each pick confirm this post as well as all the previous picks that have Washington selecting Okung. Of course last second trades will screw the pooch, but this works for now.