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Haynesworth Photoshop Contest

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After the fine success of the Portis falling down Photoshop contest, we've taken on the Haynesworth saga as our next meme adventure. I mean, how great is this picture?? We got the creative juices flowing, so check out our picture after the jump. Winner gets this Don Burgundy t-shirt

I'll be accepting submissions (enter as many times as you want) until Saturday (12/11) at 12:00PM, in which case I'll post the best ones on Monday morning and we'll have a poll to decide who wins the shirt (poll will close on Monday at 7pm). If Ken and I can find some better prizes we will (tickets are not out of the question).

If you don't have Photoshop, don't fret. I gave simple instructions on how anyone can do it without an editor. The downloadable files are after the jump as well.

Good luck.


1.) Go to this url:

2.) Upload the background image you want...

3.) Click File-Open and import this png or gif file of Haynesworth.

4.) Just like in MS Word, "Copy" (Ctrl+C) the Haynesworth image, then select the window your background image is in, and click "Paste" (Ctrl+V).

5.) Drag the Haynesworth image to where it needs to be.

6.) Click "Save" which saves the image to your computer, and then email the image to with the subject "Haynesworth Jersey Contest."

Here's a couple I did to get your creative juices flowing...