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Sprint Game Ball Goes To...Me?

Coughlin: "WTF is a Penguins fan doing on my sideline?"
Coughlin: "WTF is a Penguins fan doing on my sideline?"

SB Nation gives Ken and I as much leeway as we want with writing these sponsored posts, but even I have trouble mustering anything worth reading with the Redskins laying yet another rotten egg. 6 turnovers!? Who gets a game ball for this game? McNabb with his 68 QB rating? One of the running backs who rushed for a high of 40 yards? Armstrong and Cooley got near 100 yards, but of course both fumbled.

London Fletcher had the interception, but the Redskins got shredded between the tackles. I suppose I could do the "anti game ball?" Kemoeatu, Shanahan, Kareem Moore? The poll would have to be the entire damn roster.

So, I would like to nominate myself for the game ball. I fought through my early morning hangover to make the hour trek from Manhattan to the stadium. I stood in the cold watching our team get embarrassed over and over and over. I dealt with the slew of Giants fans berating me as I celebrated and taunted fans after our only touchdown (what else was there to do except be totally obnoxious?). I'm the only one that seemed to care in the building.