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Haynesworth Tells His Side of the Story; Shanahan Needs to Shelve His Ego

Atwt_mediumWell, the Haynesworth drama hit a whole new level as Haynesworth appeared on the Kevin & Rock show on 106.7 THE FAN last night to tell his side of the story. Albert vehemently denies he was hungover for Friday's practice, citing he's never had alcohol problems in the past, yet he does admit he had a bad practice where he gave a less than optimal effort.

Listen to the full interview here, it's WELL worth it. Albert is obviously ticked off about how he's being used. For those that don't have the 25 minutes of spare time, Jason Reid transcribed the good parts here.

I didn't enjoy hearing Albert calling his teammates "cowards" for going to the media yesterday. I mean, Phillip Daniels practiced all week sick and London Fletcher is the definition of a hard working soldier. This situation is a mess and it's getting worse. What's clear is we have two stubborn sides to this fiasco.

The hardest part of this interview to hear (for me) was when Haynesworth talked about opposing players consistently coming up to him after games thanking him for not being in the game. He said after the Giants game, Brandon Jacobs, a friend of his, said they schemed for him and thanked him for not playing (making his life a whole lot easier). It really is ludicrous we have a guy like this standing on the sidelines. I understand it though. He let his teammates down all summer.

How do we fix it? Give him what he wants. Let him play Right Defensive Tackle and show if he is the beast he claims he still is. If that goes well, then players will be happy and Haynesworth's trade value goes up. He's gone after this year no matter what, so why not get the most out of him we can? The season is lost anyway. Just do it.