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Daily Slop: Shanahan Liked Grossman's Play for the first 1.5 Quarters

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Giants need a win and a Green Bay loss or tie (vs CHI) to make playoffs.

Redskins Insider - Chris Cooley says he's embarrassed by drops
"I think the third or fourth time the ball hit my hands that I didn't catch it, I mean, I about lost my mind. It blew my mind. That just never happened to me in my career. It's like a bad hitting slump."

Redskins Insider - Shanahan hopeful that Rogers, Orakpo will play vs. Giants
Am I the only one that would rather see Rob Jackson another game? Either cut Rak's time or move him to DE.

Mike Shanahan On Rex Grossman's Second Start
"I thought he played extremely well up until the interception," Shanahan said. "And then he had an interception, he looked like he lost a little focus and missed some of the reads that he normally would make. And that's why you try to put people in game situations, to see how they react. But up to that time, I thought he was playing very well. You've gotta know when to throw it away, when to take your chances. But some of the things that he normally does right, sometimes you lose a little focus after an INT and I thought that got to him a little bit."

Redskins Insider - Chris Cooley believes Rex Grossman could be "the guy"
If Donovan McNabb is not the Redskins quarterback next season -- and signs certainly seem to suggest he won't be -- "I think Rex is immediately the guy," says tight end Chris Cooley. Coaches have benched McNabb in order to evaluate Rex Grossman, who will start for the third time...

Houston Texans fans seeking firing of Gary Kubiak organize rally - ESPN
I would be totally OK with Kubiak becoming the Redskins O.C. Of course, Shanny would never fire his son.

Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones lines up two interviews for head coach to fulfill NFL's minority policy - ESPN Dallas
The 2011 draft is being held regardless of the outcome of the CBA negotiations. Blogs " Blog Archive Crowder to fans who boo: ‘We don’t really need you’