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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Open Thread WildCard Games Part II

We'll use this post for the open threads of both games today.

Can we talk Bloody Mary recipes? After college I moved to Wyoming to work on a dude ranch - one of the best summers of my life. The nearest town, Encampment WY, was a 40 minute drive. On my first day off a bunch of us drove into town for drinks. What a f'n town. The sign coming in said "Welcome to Encampment: Population 100." The school was K-12 and one big room. Classic. We pulled into the Pine Lodge Bar. All the spots in front were taken with pickup trucks that had deer tied to the roof and shotguns hanging from the back window. I noticed over half the trucks people left their keys in the ignition. America the way it should be.

The record scratched when we walked in, pretty much the same reaction as when Pinto walked into the Otis Redding bar in Animal House. I asked for a Bloody Mary not knowing my life was about to change for the better. "Are you sure you want that?" Jimmy asked ... I replied "Yea." Jimmy then pulled out 16 different jars. It took him a good 5 minutes to make the thing. Oh man, this thing was amazing. I demanded to know the recipe. I only remembered half the ingredients but even still when I make it people swear it's the best bloody they ever had when. Of course I won't tell you the full recipe but one of the most important ingredients is the juice from a jar of jalapenos.

I was watching the food channel the other day where this one dude made bloodies from pureeing tomatoes in the blender. It looked pretty good except for the fact he poured them into martini glasses. (I'd put my money on RVAParks drinks Jack & Cokes out of a martini glass). I'm still tinkering with my recipe, but I just decided adding lump crab meat is my next adventure. To this day, the best (and spiciest) bloody I've ever had was at the Tropical Isle on Bourbon St. in New Orleans (also home to the best mixed drink in the world - The Hand Grenade).

So what's your best bloody mary recipe or story?